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Western Communism as Chauvinism

Western Communism as Chauvinism

By Comrade Brad Gilbeault – NR – Canada

The truth is western communism is riddled with imperial mindset causing them to go berserk about concepts like multipolarity.

They only oppose imperialism because it’s capitalist. They desire a western communist imperialism which they desperately want to cram down everyone’s throat. Remember to them that eastern and southern stuff isn’t real communism. National liberation is basically fascism in their minds.

They think “damn those backwards nationalist dogs. They must learn our real communist internationalist ways.”

All national differences must be dissolved and placed under a single world government where everyone is fully equal and completely identical. Their communism is gospel. They believe countries like China are temporarily embarrassed until they are developed enough that their tiny brains become enlightened and they transform into the western idea of communism.

Here’s a tip “Socialism With Chinese Characteristics” isn’t a euphemism for markets. Chinese Characteristics is a serious statement and it’s a commitment to never follow western thinking.

This is all part of the liberal mindset which has infected almost all western communist theory.

Universalism is the bread and butter of liberalism and it’s reactionary and oppressive. The same thinking that supported colonialism of “savage” nations. Western anti-capitalist theory all grew inside liberalism and capitalism.

In the way that socialism has the birthmarks of capitalism, anti capitalist ideology is marked with liberal ideology.

Even when it comes to support for anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist nations western leftists have to analyze it through a liberal framework. They believe these nations oppose liberalism because they haven’t developed to the level of the west and once they do they will fully embrace liberalism too.

We must identify and cut off liberalism from anti-capitalist thought if we seek revolution and international solidarity.

Do not repeat the errors of the past. The world doesn’t exist as it did then. We must look forward with the knowledge of the past. Actually existing socialism is a key to developing new and successful theories.

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