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The Unveiling of Idealism and the importance of Dialectics

By Matthew Stanojevic

New Resistance US


In an attempt to foster unity in thought and consciousness, this work will expose the ruling class mental trap that is idealism and help identify those who are blinded by it. We know, by examining the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Gramsci, and Einstein that the ruling class controls not just the means of material production, but also the means of mental production, and that everyone participating in human society is subjected to it. Gramsci called the indoctrination of people who’ve been subjected to ruling class ideas “cultural hegemony”. This hegemony is a means to wire the minds of working class people and keep them in mental bondage. This mental captivity prevents individuals from discerning their thoughts and achieving not just individual consciousness, but also collective consciousness. Instead, ruling class cultural hegemony leads people onto the path of idealism.

Article 1 – Idealism vs Materialism: Mind is Mind and Matter is Matter

Idealism is the philosophical mentality and worldview perspective that promotes the belief that matter is not absolute and can be shaped by the mind. It calls on the individual to shape the material objective world to their individual subjective reality. By doing so, it develops several subsets that prohibit collectivist faculties that promote compassion towards others and replaces these faculties with individual selfishness. This is called individualism. Idealism holds that matter is a product of reasoning nature that is outside matter. That one can only know sensations and images but never reality itself.

Materialism is the philosophical mentality and worldview perspective that recognizes that matter is absolute and connected by the laws of nature. That despite what humans see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, matter would exist without the anecdotal subjective evidence provided by human testimony. It calls on the individual to shape their personal subjective reality to the material objective world and requires constant attention and discipline to foster individual enlightenment. This enlightenment helps develop, not just the individual’s consciousness and understanding the expression of self, but also a collective consciousness focused on the greater good of the community and the entire human species. This is called individuality and collectivism. Materialism holds that mind can know matter. All mind must strive to adapt the order and connection of all objective reasoning to the order and connection of matter and forces existing independent of mind.

These two opposing philosophical mentalities determine how individuals “think”. The idealist conforms to their thoughts, whereas the materialist captures their thoughts for further analysis. Idealism subjects the ego to the conscience, whereas materialism subjects the conscience to the ego and recognizes a conatus. The conatus is the subconscious instinct that will always do what’s best for the individual and/or their collective. The idealist believes in free will, that they alone are not subjected to the laws of nature and can overcome that which is absolute. It creates a chimera of fantasy that leads to further subsets, like liberalism and identity politics. The idealist thinks they are free, but are in fact prisoners in their own mind that are trained to refrain from touching the walls of their own prison. The materialist has no mental prison, can capture any thought that comes across their ego, can analyze these thoughts and have the conatus decide what is in the best interest for it, while observant that it cannot make a decision beyond the knowing and beyond the laws of nature. This is called determinism.

Article 2 – Propaganda and Cultural Hegemony: The War on Information

Marx says we derrive our consciousness from social interaction; we derrive our being from doing. In terms of propaganda, it’s important leaders understand the social relations, the bones of society which form the basis of structure and the basic object for analysis, are obscured by capitalism. Ruling class propaganda obfuscates the social relations that would help develop our individual and collective consciousness and thereby voids our existence by denying us ownership of our own labor even in the sense of perceiving it as such. Capitalist propaganda abstracts individuals of all action, making them, after time, almost incapable of viewing the material realities of society. By unraveling the social relations of a community, the contradictions of the community are brought to attention, making them unavoidably visible to the abstracted workers.

Cultural hegemony is not to be underestimated. The capitalists control all mainstream propaganda media outlets. Mainstream content exposure is purposed for the continued domination of the working class by the ruling class. More importantly, the capitalists control our education systems. Curriculum of their idealism and intelligentsia poisons our students minds and as Einstein pointed out as well, students are inculcated to have exaggerated competitive attitudes and are trained to achieve acquisitive success as a preparation for their future career, which is, to gain possession of materialistic wealth as wealth determines social status in ruling class hierarchy. The information taught to students is watered down  or manipulated with disinformation and misinformation and the respective state of said education system further manipulates their national history by painting a picture of pseudo-righteousness that instills blind nationalism and jingoism. This indoctrination develops into unnecessary hostilities and stereotypes on so many levels of society, which fester into gross human estrangement. It promotes unity behind a false icon, instead of unity amongst the people. Have no doubt that what most people know is exactly what the ruling class wants them to know. The bourgeois state further stirs the pot through the economic condradiction of wealth inequality. Poorer areas are often neglected and the people in those areas suffer for it.

It becomes even more nefarious as the ruling class disseminates information that performs certain tasks for the continued mental bondage of the working class people. For the purpose of divide and conquer, the ruling class uses information to sway the opinions of the masses and causes confusion and disunity by using things like identity politics and political correctness. For the purpose of distraction, the ruling class provides entertainment so that the working class is otherwise mentally occupied and content. Sports have become the modern day Roman Coliseum and the ruling class is Caesar. For the purpose of control, the ruling class uses religion and science to keep the mass line spiritually content. For the purpose of predictive programming, the ruling class uses information to prepare the masses for whatever conquest they desire. Using false flag events and propaganda, the ruling class has united the working class under false pretenses to favor imperialist war for the sake of their war racketeering. What’s worse is that generations of idealism exposure has created a social dystopia of fear that has mutated into a whole new level of imperialist mental indoctrination. It is an emblazoned form of Stockholm syndrome where, through consumerism, through entertainment and consumption, the common human being in capitalist society will defend the capitalist base and superstructure, defend the contradictions resulting from it, and love those that perpetuate and uphold the system.

More specifically, the ruling class in America uses a form of passive indoctrination called predictive programming, which they use to normalize US govt power grabs by subverting the working class to propaganda designed to divide the opinions of the masses and conquer their culture. This is one of their most effective methods to dominate culture. This is cultural hegemony at it’s finest. Suffice to say any capitalist country’s ruling class employs this method of brainwash to keep the working class in mental bondage.

Article 3 – Historical Materialism and Dialectical Materialism: The Dialectician’s Toolbox is Marxism-Leninism

As Jeshua said – “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

We know the works and deeds of Jeshua have been manipulated and perverted for centuries and a millennia by the ruling class for the purpose of controlling the mass line and maintaining their cultural hegemony. Nonetheless, his words speak of absolute materialism. The “truth” is exactly what historical materialism (histomat) and dialectical materialism (diamat) will lead anyone to. Histomat focuses on history and shows us how material conditions and contradictions came to be as they are today. Diamat focuses on why material conditions and contradictions continue to exist today so that we can develop strategies and make informed decisions on how best to maneuver them. They are interconnected, as diamat relies on the truths of histomat to formulate correctly.

Dialectical materialism has two parts in it’s development. Dialectics and materialist philosophy. Applying it is crucial to continuing progress in social and economic development and human development. Dialectics is the search for truth, while simultaneously understanding that the truth is malleable and can change when new information calls for it. Combined with philosophical materialism, diamat can analyze and arrive at any truth of modern material conditions and contradictions. Many Marxist’s call upon it’s name, for good reason and intention, without fully understanding that it precedes the scientific method and therefore, supersedes theory and the practice of theory. It is the single most powerful tool for a dialectician. Just because someone agrees with materialism, doesn’t mean they’re a dialectician. Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin were superior dialecticians. The complexity in the understanding of histomat and diamat and the ongoing campaign of ruling class cultural hegemony is exactly why some people will never understand why Stalin agreed to the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. It’s exactly why Stalin didn’t proceed to the next phase in socialism and move to abolish the vanguard state. It’s exactly why Einstein abandoned Quantum Mechanics. It’s exactly why many Marxist-Leninists erroneously denounce Deng and the PRC. It’s why Americans, today, will never understand that for a communist party to be successful in the USA, a co-opt of its young and strange culture is required to develop counter-hegemony.

It is often said Marxism-Leninism (ML) is an immortal science. ML is an adaption of Marx and Lenin’s combined historical-socio-political-economic analysis using histomat and diamat. It is indeed a science, as it is testable and falsifiable and constantly developing and learning from it’s achievements and it’s mistakes. Due to the nature of dialectics, this is an inevitability.

Article 4 – Self-Discipline and Education: On Human Development

If there is a key to life, to living, to enlightenment, then that key would be using education to develop self-discipline. To hone individual consciousness with a system of education to the point where thoughts are voices spoken from conscience in a conversation with ego. Where ego can weigh the words spoken from conscience and dictate action in accordance to their conatus. To focus education in a manner that fosters the strengths of each individual. To direct education to achieve social goals. To a future where humans attain a level of such consciousness, instead of being prisoners to idealism. Instead of being slaves of carnal and predatory impulses. Instead of being creatures of reaction and competition. This is the true purpose of socialism.

This is the true injustice inflicted upon our children. Inflicted upon us. Through generations of ruling class cultural hegemony, the ruling class has kept away the freedom that is human determinism and replaced it with delusions of free will grandeur. Those indoctrinated into the education of the ruling class cultural hegemony are traditional intellectuals. These traditional intellectuals promote the ideas of the ruling class. Through their promotion of free will, of individualism and survival of the fittest, they uphold the continued mental bondage of themselves and of the working class.

Human beings have so much more potential to offer the world that is squandered by their indoctrination into false consciousness.

Article 5 – The Organic Intellectual vs The Traditional Intellectual: A Discernment of Thought

We are to be so lucky that, despite ruling class cultural hegemony, some of us have happened upon the dialectical process naturally. This is because it is natural for human beings to be collectivist. Despite the programming and indoctrination of the ruling class, we have developed institutions within our societies to benefit the community. Hospitals, schools, fire departments, police departments, libraries, and even more.

The individuals that come to the knowing of self and have an unquenchable thirst for truth and justice have superseded the ruling class cultural hegemony. On their journey, they will come to see the contradictions of society and build up a healthy immunity to bourgeois propaganda. As they put in the immense labor required in learning about the world, they will land at the only possible solution for the emancipation of labor. Socialism. These individuals are organic intellectuals.

Many are not so lucky as they continue down the path of philosophical idealism through the aid of liberal arts institutions. These  individuals are indoctrinated into unquestionable devotion to their teachers and professors and their mental weapons are filled with blanks. Any information from a liberalized institution must be scrutinized and vetted by the dialectical method. However, these individuals do not, but instead, take any knowledge from these liberalized institutions as the authority over any subject matter. The information can not be questioned because the individual was led to believe they have achieved higher education and know better and know right. These individuals are traditional intellectuals. Society, through ruling class cultural hegemony, are led to believe these intellectuals hold absolute authority over knowledge. They are dangerous and perpetuate the poisoning and corrupting of the minds of workers and their children.

Article 6 – Dogmatism and Fundamentalism: The Enemy of Dialectical Materialism

There are many enemies of the dialectician, but the most ferocious and dangerous enemies are dogmatists and fundamentalists. Some individuals go about the path of enlightenment by reading. Reading is a great tool and a great pleasure. However, one can read all the books in the world to expand their mind, only to be blinded by their individualism. There are many kinds of fundamentalists. The most popular being religious fundamentalism. The most dangerous threat to dialectics are Marxist fundamentalists. Fundamentalism (and it’s derivative, dogmatism) is the strict adherence to doctrine (or dogma). Those individuals that fall into this mental trap do not care about any new evidence that would suggest their beliefs otherwise. All that matters to them is your agreement to their doctrine. As we know, having explained the inevitable nature of dialectics, this is another form of false consciousness. We especially know this because Lenin questioned several of Marx and Engels works, most notably, their words on revolution in a single nation. At one point, Marx had even said that socialism can happen peacefully through reforms. Lenin rejected the idea of a peaceful process to socialism wholly and proved that through the violent overthrow of Czar Nikolas II, that Marx was not particularly right. It was not that Marx was wrong, but that Marx’s analysis was based on certain conditions and contradictions. Lenin had different conditions and contradictions he had to analyze and overcome. Again, this is the inevitability of dialectics.

Article 7 – Populism and Post-modernism: The Roadmap to Continuing Idealism 

Populists strive to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups in society. It is another arm of the liberal/idealist powers that be as their movements are financed by the same elites they say they are against. It is a tool of liberal oligarchs used in the traditional fashion of divide and conquer. Only a truly grassroots movement led by the working class can free the people and make the change that populists say they want, but never do, as they, like the liberal politicians, are beholden to their financiers.

Postmodernists believe that no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths exist. They are an abstraction born from the defiance of modernism as expressed in the superstructure, with no clear purpose or goal, other than to stick a wrench in the cogs of the superstructure. Though, the subsets that make up the superstructure are but mere branches that have grown from a tree trunk and it’s roots. The tree trunk and it’s roots being the economic base that shapes and maintains the superstructure. Their focus is misplaced, their expressions are futile, as any landscaper knows that to kill a tree, you must pull or poison its roots.

Article 8 – The Power of Capital and Addressing it’s Contradictions

Capital dominates the world and all are subjected to it. These are our current global conditions. Within these conditions lies a multitude of socio-political-economic contradictions that continue and exacerbate the ever apparent struggle of the working class people at large. The dominance of western neoliberalism continues to enshroud and destroy the entire world. Our greatest task at hand is building a vanguard with chapters across the world and promoting the dialectical method. We must get involved in every institution we can and infect it by educating our fellow workers to the dialectical method and the fostering of class consciousness. We must break the long spell the ruling class has over the working class. To do this, chapters must co-opt the culture of their respective nations and organize grassroots campaigns that are not corrupted by capital and money. As these chapters grow and the workers are educated on revolutionary theory and the dialectical method, we can begin a massive counter-hegemonic propaganda campaign that defies cultural hegemony that will bring more workers to our cause. This is what Gramsci called “The War of Position”. Only when we have won the war of position can we then begin the war of maneuver and build a political party that threatens bourgeois democracy and their capitalist imperialist oligarchy that is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. We do this, as Lenin instructed, by the continued participation in bourgeois democracy, as it will prove the reactionary tendencies of the ruling class to the working class. The ruling class will never vote their wealth away and as the working class sees this without any shadow of a doubt, only then will we have amassed the populace behind our banner and can begin the coup of the State, the expropriation of capital, and the emancipation of labor.

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