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No One Will Make This Fight For You

New Resistance Central Committee – Communiqué #5

If history has taught us anything, it is that paralysis by analysis is the bane of man’s experience in social change.

We see many willing to discuss theory, but very few willing to join a vanguard organization where there will be discipline and organized action.

Perhaps an irony – in discussing theories about the problems of modernity and liberalism, people are entertaining highly individualized theories. In doing so, they continue to exhibit and promote a kind of liberalism in itself. A thousand and one ‘unique’ analyses and criticisms of the present order are a symptom of the present order itself.

Believing that there should exist an organization which fits perfectly in line with the intricate and specific ideas, tastes, proclivities, nuanced ideological turns, and so forth, of oneself is a symptom of the solipsistic, narcissism of the modern liberal framework itself.

Therefore, a strong vanguard organization does not impose too many doctrines and dogmas in places where nuance and range should be allowed. And likewise, a good candidate for a vanguard organization quickly learns how to prioritize their values and aims – create a hierarchy of these – and then join an organization which is closest.

In subordinating oneself to organization and infusing your energies into it, becoming a force multiplier and a political soldier – only here and then does one put their money where their mouths or typing hands are.

This is also chiefly important: the role of an organization is not to satisfy your needs, but your desire to join an organization like NR ought to be based on your conviction that you can satisfy its needs.

In continuing to treat revolutionary ideas as the subject of normal discussion, the nominal subject of ‘revolution’ is not the real subject – rather it is the entertainment value, the interest value, its ability to pass time, or display one’s knowledge in some area of minutia. In reality, the subject could be cloud formations or the years and models of various train production. The essence is not the subject, but that it is abstracted into the subject of discussion.

Of course it is important to talk about things before doing them – commitment is something that has a deep and profound meaning, and obliges one to carry it out.

But in the final analysis, a person must recruit themselves to the idea that no one will make this fight for you.

– New Resistance – Central Committee