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Our Platform

New Resistance Evropa – Platform – with General Points of Principle and Elements of Program, both Maximum and Transitional

1) Europe for Europeans – Towards A Europe of a Hundred Banners:

The negation of the European Union and the rise of a new and revolutionary Socialist Federation of European nations;

Europe as a cooperative community based upon both fraternal mutual aid, and unique national sovereignty – based in the rich and still living, even if presently suppressed, historic cultures of Europe.

The inviolable right of any European nation to secede from such a federation for any reason whatsoever, as determined domestically by the citizens of the nation in question, through processes entirely internal and without extra-European interference.

Whether this revolutionary change occurs originally within the processes of a popular reforming of the EU using its present mechanisms, or whether it comes about by other means, is unforeseeable at this time. Nevertheless, all Euroskeptic movements today share a common critique, and ‘Exit’ and ‘Skeptic’ initiatives should be enthusiastically supported.

The EU – European Union – based on a socially anti-European bigotry, and enforced top-down from detached and distant bureaucrats in Brussels, who in turn work for trans-Atlantic or global finance capital, have nothing in common with genuine European values.

The right of each nation of the federation to determine its own policies on integral matters such as migration.

2) Community self-management and the Internet of Things:

Social control and ownership over the automated means of production and distribution within Europe’s nations;

Capitalism is a unique historical system which describes social organization within modernity, based upon specific technological and scientific possibilities. Automation and AI, along with 3D printing and the coming Internet of Things necessarily means that capitalism is coming to an end, along with the modern era. A new post-modern system, of the future, based rationally on the new and dynamic productive forces, is not only possible but necessary.

Economic enterprises larger or more complex than a small family business or farm should be self-managed by workers, via workers’ councils at the level of the community, with an aim towards reducing bureaucracy and towards engendering direct popular control and management by and of the workers.

3) Return of the Myth, the Spirit, and Desecularization:

The tragic history of the 20th century and modernity has educated us that truths are often divided into spheres of lies. During the cold-war arose Two Great Camps, each with truths and lies supporting them. As Revolutionary Socialists, New Resistance Evropa understands that there can be no humanity without attachment to myth, no thriving socialism without spirit, and no thriving spirit without socialism.

Europe’s ideological and spiritual refoundation will also necessarily experience a revolution of the myth. This will be a an anti-capitalist revolution in all spheres – simultaneously palingenetic and futurist, antiquinarianist and post-modern.

Without a spiritual revolution, the inevitable post-modern system will be a more perfect form of slavery, regardless of its intentions, not a system based in popular emancipation and freedom.

Modernity has laid blame at the feet of religion many things in fact created by the deformation of religion under modernity. Fascism and Communism were two systems which in opposing ways engendered a type of existence for religion, yet Liberalism (Capitalism) has gone the furthest to alienate man from his spiritual self.

NR-Evropa rejects religious fratricidal struggles, as well as other fratricidal struggles – and supports only the Class Struggle against the predominant Modernist system of Liberalism.

NR-Evropa seeks to build healthy relations with all religious communities which respect the rights of other religious communities to thrive. NR-E is skeptical of evangelically oriented faiths, particularly those operating beyond the civilizational realm historically associated with it.

NR-Evropa rejects the mainstream Marxian or Marxist method of building relations with religious communities which is cynically and condescendingly based upon;

a.) their perceived minoritarian status
b.) their perceived ethnic or racial status
c.) the view that such communities will ultimately secularize or abandon their faiths with the ‘march of progress’ within the modernity rubric
d.) their perceived or claimed status as ‘victims’

This does not mean that NR-Evropa rejects building relations with religious communities which others affirm may fit those four descriptions.

NR-Evropa recognizes both the Christian and pre-Christian (‘Pagan’) foundations of European culture and ethos, as well as the contributions made by other religious traditions.

4) Rejecting the Prison of Modern Systems and Ideologies:

Liberalism (capitalism), Communism, and Fascism all represent either ideologies or realities of modernity. These were the three political positions of the 19th and 20th centuries, which arose in consecutive order, only to collapse back into a refined Liberalism. Our present liberal order has adopted for itself also those unfortunate features of communism and fascism which perfected social control at the expense of freedom and justice, and in that sense can be considered illiberal.

Liberalism (capitalism), Communism, and Fascism cannot be criticized in the abstract – these represented inevitable expressions of modernity, based on man’s technological, scientific, and spiritual relationship with reality, in their respective periods and locales.

Anti-communism and anti-fascism are generally – but with exceptions – problematic distractions from any struggle against the present modern political system, which is chiefly Capitalist and Liberal in nature. The spectres of communism and fascism are used to divide the people along largely emotional and narrative-driven lines.

Civic, community, or otherwise ‘public’ involvement and participation is a requirement from every citizen of age.

A fourth political theory, unique to the 21st century, will be increasingly evident as we approach the horizon

5) Land and Housing Reform:

The popular and revolutionary distribution of land and housing, whether urban or rural, to all citizens and making it non-transferable, thus avoiding accumulation of property

Land reform is critical for community food-resource security, safety, and planning. While automation will end the industrial enslavement wherein the worker is a machine cog, it is known that the physical, spiritual, and psychological health of man is improved when he directly engages in work in nature, in the procurement of his own food-resources, for his own consumption, and is thus not alienated from its product.

Comfortable, and spacious housing must be a basic right, one which people enjoyed for millennia before the pre-modern and modern eras. People are spiritually and evolutionarily adapted to have a secure sense of their living arrangements, whether as semi-nomadic or sedentary peoples. A large part of the public mental-health pandemic is housing and utilities insecurity and subsequent forced labor simply to avoid rough sleeping.

Only in a profit-based, speculative, i.e capitalist economy are empty homes kept by banks off market to artificially inflate the values of existing homes, and a limited selection of ‘for-sale’ homes. Such a system is irrational, immoral, and unnecessary at this time.

6) Guaranteed income, abolition of Usury;

Full automation, 3D printing, the internet of things will not come in one fell swoop, and it is impossible to know where in the political process this economic revolution will be further completed. Thus as a transitional demand, guaranteed income provided the citizen in turn has met their social, community, and familial obligations.

Social credit, community interest-free banking, and the abolition of usury. This comes hand in hand with the abolition of usury based/condoning cultures, societies, subcultures, or religions.

As automation increases, guaranteed income increasingly serves a record keeping purpose and less so based on the most equitable possible distribution of resources under conditions of scarcity. Interest free loans will ultimately not be necessary or wanted, as currency loses its value.

7) Universal health care;

Eliminate the class-based system in both health-care distribution and health-care provider education – the elimination of medical school entrance exams in their present form to increase the number of doctors, and the popularization of coordinated health-driven activities in daily life.

The abolition of the profit based pharmaceutical industry (as with all other industries (see 2 above) and a critical focus on preventative care, public health education including diet and exercise.

The focus on diet and natural remedies already proven by independent researchers, or established in the record of ancient history.

8) Free and Renewable Energy:

The widespread implementation of renewable energy (solar, wind, nuclear, tidal, geothermal, hydroelectric) distributed through a decentralized grid with built-in redundancies to avoid massive system failures such as blackouts; and to avoid ‘energy blackmail’ in or between semi-autonomous communities within the nation

A heavy emphasis on energy conservation through smarter architecture; encourage the development of other low-impact technologies.

9) Against Planned Obsolescence and For Economic and Population Planning:

NR stands for a planned economy in harmony with the biosphere as a whole, with a right-sized population, and against the waste of consumerism which is a characteristic of the capitalist form of modernity.

The relationship between wasteful consumerist planned obsolescence, human population size, a planned economy, and the biosphere, is rarely addressed outside of the logic of the present society, if it is addressed at all. Fixes are presented as either tweaks, reforms, adjustments within the present society, or even worse, as personal decisions of individuals whose own habits need only be changed.

Capitalism promotes an ideology of infinite growth, when in fact the planet is a limited resource. We oppose this.

Capitalism promotes overpopulation in the ‘developing’ world, and stagnant or declining population in the ‘developed’ world, using one fact against the other, towards the atomization, disunity and manageability of all. We oppose this.

Capitalism promotes planned obsolescence, which greatly reduces product lifespan, which increases scarcity, and keeps people ‘at work’ merely as a mechanism of social control. We oppose this.

Only a socialist society with the people – the Laos – as the subject, beyond the framework of modernity, has the possibility to overcome these travesties of modernity expressed under capitalism.

We oppose the ruling class initiatives to change the population size, whether growing or shrinking, as these are always done towards the interest of capital, the maintenance of empire, and profit. Only a planned socialist society can make a fresh analysis of the real relationship between population and sustainability outside of the logic of the capitalist system.

10) Sexual liberation:

Under capitalism, so-called sexual liberation can only mean market-place liberation – intensifying gender friction, identity reductionism, which is manipulated by the powers that be.

Feminism and prostitution are two-sides of the same coin – manifestations of capitalism.

A return to the understanding that gender and sex correlate more than 99.9% of the time, and that gender/sex differences are innate biological differences which present no inherent problem and do not require ‘overcoming’.

The promotion of hetero-normative culture is popular and in the best interests – physically, sexually, psychologically, and spiritually – of the vast and overwhelming majority of the population.

The tolerance of homosexual acts, the elimination of the category of homosexuals as a defining identity and the abolition of homosexuality as an abstracted and distinct reality. Government out of the bedroom, homosexuality out of the media.

The media creation of ‘homosexuality’ is explicitly limiting for individuals prone to homosexual acts, creating a false identity based upon tropes, caricatures, and stereotypes. Furthermore it is harmful for the healthy sexual and psychological individuation of youth into adolescence.

The redefinition of social modesty, and its enforcement, and a rediscovery of antiquinarian attitudes towards nudity in art, sculpture, and among people, in the social/public sphere. Popular erotica, and the exhalation of the human form in peak physical condition.

The popularization and education of highly regimented conditioning, sports, and physique training to popularize desirability and greatly increase one’s access to sex as an expression of healthy sexuality.

The encouragement of reserved promiscuity among the youth, provided the youth are involved in socially approved or socially necessary endeavors such as military service, education, and types of labor.

Reductions of communities of mass scale, especially those based in capitalism, will greatly reduce youth alienation and subcultures. Community-based cultures are themselves a ‘subculture’ and fill the basic human need for sub-cultures, which take on deformations under capitalism.

Industrial waste, capitalist ‘medicine’, and anthropogenic environmental toxins are the primary cause of the recent explosion of extreme hormone imbalances and damaged endocrine systems. These in turn have given rise to the illusion of non-binary gender, or gender reversal syndromes, in the population. In turn, this has been reified into pseudo-identities which tear communities apart.

A healthy, balanced, sex-positive culture, which is critical to the development and expression of European man’s creative impulses, especially necessary after the end of industrial labor.

11) A reduced work week and extended workers‘ sabbaticals:

Redefine the concept of work itself to include cultural, intellectual & benevolent activities. This is a transitional demand for the time before total automation, but only possible with the deconstruction of the capitalist political order.

When man is free, and engages in creative labor that instills valor, involves sacrifice, and makes use of his physical and critical powers, work is redefined. The obligations involved are coupled with a genuine satisfaction that comes from ownership, only possible with abolition of alienation. As in the ancient, distant past, work and play are for all intents and purposes, indistinguishable. 

12) The right to bear arms:

This comes in hand with compulsory military service for young men, voluntary for women and men of all ages on a competence/strength test basis, and a defacto permanent militia reserve system. Europeans have no right to enforce the European system abroad, and to the contrary supports the right to self-determination of all other peoples around the world. This means, at the same time, the inability to dictate the development of social, religious, and political movements among other peoples globally, and the impossibility to control or predict whatever forms these may take. There is always an even chance that other peoples may develop social, religious, or political movements in their respective lands that do not share the European value of self-determination, and this means a permanent standing army based upon the reserve and militia systems to defend Europe’s collective security.

13) Genuine Direct Democracy as Blockchain Laocracy:

The technological means now exist to transcend beyond mere representative models of democracy, and to move to a genuine rule by, of, and for the People – a Laocracy. The State, insofar as it exists for a period, so long as the economic law of value pervades and class antagonisms persist, should become an instrument of the People. This system should be called as such Laocracy.

Blockchain Democracy is in fact digital direct Laocracy, and beyond mere ‘democracy’ when clearly defined. As democracy refers to the ancient rule of the ruling social class of free citizens, forming the demos, in the Athenian Republic of the city-state which represented a minority – the slaves, the people, were the majority of the population. In this sense, democracy then as now is considered by New Resistance Evropa to be a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the liberal elite, in their minority rule over the people, or laos. NR-E opposes bourgeois rule, and favors the clarity and meaning of a Direct Blockchain Digitial Laocracy.

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