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Membership – Get Involved

Membership in New Resistance means becoming a Political Soldier:

1. taking action;

2. developing their knowledge and experiences; developing their emotional, spiritual, physical, and critical faculties.

3. Understanding Our Platform, our aims, our projects, and;

4. being able to function within a Vanguard organization which has a mutual approach to responsibilities and rights

We live in a world of information overload with very little action, where it is easy to see that there’s much more information being consumed than actions being taken. NR-E exists in part to change this.

While we have a link to our contact email to receive a membership application at the bottom of this page, the process for obtaining membership, and the reasoning behind, it will not make sense if this text is not thoroughly understood.

When you email us for an application, our response will be relatively quick, and we will send you an application in our response. This begins the process.

Activism and Membership

The relationships between social change and organized Vanguards is not always immediately obvious nor clearly understood. Our rigorous and scientific assessment of the historical record satisfies us that relatively small, highly organized groups (i.e., Vanguards) are capable of making significant changes on a societal level. NR-E is a Vanguard organization, engaged in a multi-spectrum campaign to build a socialist society, as sketched out in ‘Our Platform’. Because any prospective member is in full agreement with ‘Our Platform’ at a very minimum, they will understand that the socialist society for a Europe of a hundred banners we are winning, is not only distinct, but far more realizable and visionary than any other prior existing idea of socialism.

Towards that end, there are a whole array of ways to get involved, overtly or covertly, support our work, and even to obtain membership. These will be creative, satisfying, and fulfilling.

Membership comes with its own set of responsibilities and component rights to see those responsibilities through. We will base any possible membership on being able to assess and incorporate many different kinds of people with different skill-sets and resources.

Getting involved to do activism of most kinds does not require membership, and just as with many other aspects we encourage of a balanced life, we strongly discourage hastiness in the direction of membership.

There are really two primary factors in our consideration of membership: commitment, and aptitude.

By applying for membership (via email for an application ), this initiates a process. Here you have become a candidate for membership. It involves a number of months or longer for the process to be completed. This is not for bureaucratic reasons in any sense, but rather so that every person who is recognized as a member is thoroughly vetted and prepared for what membership entails.

Preparing yourself for Membership

The first and best way to prepare yourself before you show us you are interested in getting involved, or membership, is by learning more about what we stand for, what we are have already achieved, and what we are doing in practice. This means becoming a Political Soldier, familiarizing yourself with certain writings and activities stemming from our organization, our fraternal organizations, those of our milieu, and finally the broader history of the various social movements in history, and the ideas and social realities that both framed them, and which they in turn shaped.

Another way to prepare yourself, and this does not require coordination with NR-E, is by sharing our social media posts. This is a great way to offer the most minimal level of support, and by all means bring it to our attention that you are doing so.

That said, membership means understanding our vision for Europe, and this requires a more serious undertaking and study. While each member will have different roles based on who they are, it is sufficed to say that becoming a member is a rigorous process. Likewise a member’s roles will change as their aptitudes and experiences change and change them.

Who is an ideal candidate?

New Resistance – Evropa is ideal for someone with some past political experience, normally those who have supported or been members of other organizations that are associated with the modern political programs and theories that dominated the 19th and 20th century.

This is for several reasons. For one, NR-E is a unique type of Order with an expressed ideology and way of functioning that has never before existed in living history. It is one that is premised upon combining two elements into one organization – the simultaneous improvement of society and the individual. How this is vastly more effective in making both social change, as well as personal change, will likely be lost on a person without prior experiences with other, overall inferior or lacking, organizations.

This connects to a broader view of NR-E in relation to how we view the process of learning and growth occurs for a person. While the knowledge gained from immersion into critical texts and ideas in the abstract are very important, it cannot make up for the wisdom gained from practical and lived experiences in the world.

Therefore, NR-Evropa is ideal for someone who has already seen the short-comings and narrow framework and vision of organizations essentially stuck in theories and practices of the last few centuries. NR-E would have no reason to exist if these stuck organizations weren’t as such. So an ideal member is one that already can see that these have failed models have been surpassed and outmoded, or they have retrogressed or been hijacked, being transformed back into theories and practices which reinforce the present status quo instead of challenging it.

We are a Vanguard, an Order – not a subculture or political party

Organization, to be meaningfully effective, requires members who invariably have personalities, and some personalities are more engaged or engaging than others. In our various campaigns and projects, whether public or covert, the nature of these personalities will come into play, as various roles will relate to assessing a member’s overall aptitudes and strengths.

However, we have assessed that it is not healthy for an organization or its members’ personal development, to overly-attach to the personalities of our cadre and leadership. Rather, we hold to the principle that members have rich and rounded lives, filled with other interests and pursuits, and maintain relationships with all the people in their personal lives which they see fit, exceptional cases notwithstanding. Again, why this is so important will be clear – from lived experience – to anyone with past experience in other organizations, especially those of a vanguard type.

Related to this of course, we are aiming to build upon our success. And having a network of supporters, and members, who are overly socially dependent on each other will lead towards an echo chamber, and a narrowed vision, an unhealthy organizational environment, which harms the organization’s evolution, growth, as well as the psychological and developmental well-being of the individual member. Therefore, we are not a community or a sub-culture, and to the contrary, encourage both supporters and members to engage with their own actual communities as rounded, healthy, and real people. Something that will hinder the development of the NR-E project is if its members and supporters are only involved with each other.

Quality over Quantity

Our ultimate goal is to finally accept membership from all supporters who apply for it, with a demonstrated and established commitment. These are those who have gotten involved in our work, and have completed the membership process, and have become Political Soldiers. We will not ask people to join as a member except in rare cases; it is incumbent upon the potential member to inquire about membership. Therefore a membership application is available upon request, which initiates a process.

In short, prospective members should see themselves as those recruiting us into the idea that they should be a part of what we are doing on an official level as a member.

We are entirely unlike any other organization in living history, in the world on very critical and fundamental points. We have an entirely separate matrix or rubric for understanding or measuring our success. This distinguishes us from modern political parties and related projects of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Successfully, we are spreading to all corners of the world, and it is through these methods that we have done so.

We want to express our satisfaction in the fact that our project has launched into this increasingly public phase.

To take the next step, contact us for a membership application :

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