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The following is an original list of ideological writings by NR members, by author. They reflect either the particular views of the author, or the particular emphasis in the piece that the author wishes to give to the reader.

NR is unique as a socialist vanguard in that its members subscribe to differing ideological frameworks, towards the building of a Fourth Political Theory, and in addition are subject to change through time, contemplation, and experience.

NR stands behind these texts as they contain value. Particular terms used may contain a meaning to the author in question that are outside their usage by other members. Additionally, we expect the reader to be comfortably prepared for the fact that not all NR members are uniform in their world-view at a particular time, even as we share some core-tenets – such as the Platform – and even as we are building in a direction together. NR encourages the reader to ‘take what they can’ and ‘stomach what they cannot’ from each of these texts.

NR maintains that the total sum of human knowledge lays outside that which can be expressed by a single ideology, let alone by ideology itself – and even here in this small library we are limited to textual information.


The Unveiling of Idealism and the importance of Dialectics – Matthew Stanojevic

Western Communism as Chauvinism – Brad Gilbeault

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