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About NR-E

New Resistance Evropa is part of an international movement composed of autonomous and independent leaderships on a generally continental and civilizational basis. New Resistance Evropa is the Europe-wide organization, and the only structure authorized in Europe to operate as such under the NR banner and name.

Purpose: Founded in 2014, New Resistance Evropa (NR-E) serves as the Central Committee (CC) & Intra-European Liaison Bureau (iELB) for New Resistance Sections of Europe. It is responsible for liaison work, developing and approving both the ideological line and practical work and activities of the European Sections of NR, with a heavy emphasis on as little interference as possible in the practical work and activities of the European Sections.

Principles: NR-E and its European Sections are a vanguard, order, and revolutionary organization, and stands for Socialism. The meaning and definition of Socialism for NR-E is different from how the term is conventionally understood, as well as for the term revolutionary. NR-E is developing a suitable socio-economic ideology for 21st century conditions, in a new and fresh way, often referred to in English as a Fourth Position, Fourth Political Theory, or 4PT. NR-E is not associated with any other thinkers, philosophers, writers, public figures, social critics, or professors whose ideas are self-described as, or described as by others ‘Fourth Position’, 4PT, etc. NR-E is only responsible to, and for, its own statements and positions.

NR-E has transcended the modern and specifically 20th century political ideologies, figures, personalities, thinkers – in terms of ideological commitments.

NR-E may re-republish, cite, discuss, reference, remix, quote, paraphrase, criticize, deconstruct, reconstruct, syncretize, or otherwise make use of any ideas, movements of the present or past, regardless of their own beliefs, historical record, commitments, flaws, crimes, errors, including those whose ideas are described as, or described by others as ‘4PT’, etc.

This is not only a reasonable need for research and development purposes towards a Fourth Position, it is a basic intellectual, public and academic freedom which the vast majority of all people in any society benefit from and are better off for.

NR-E, like its fraternal organization NR-B (Brazil) and its NR-E At-Large members in the US and Canada, exist outside of the commonly understood left/right ideological dichotomy in both economic and social spheres.

NR-E opposes criminal activities, including criminal violence, opposes the targeting or campaigned/coordinated harassment, intimidation, threats, or violence to any individuals or people-groups based on their immutable characteristics. NR-E distinguishes ideas, dogmas, doctrines, beliefs, ideologies, and religions from people-groups, ethnicities, communities, and individuals who may be associated with those.

Platform: The Platform is shared by all European Sections, with some allowable differences as approved by the Central Committee. See our Platform

Organizational: NR-E and NR-B are ideologically and functionally independent and autonomous, fraternal organizations. While there may be areas of overlap on – for example – economic, philosophical, or social issues, these organizations are not interdependent or responsible for the views, statements, actions, associations, or other related projects of the others. There may be very different positions, ideas, and practices on a whole range of subjects and activities. Simultaneously, each of these organizations should seek wherever possible to bring each into closer positions insofar as these prove superior, as these organizations evolve.

Authority: NR-E serves as the CC and iELB for NR Sections of Europe, and these Sections (aka ‘national sections’) must submit for approval by decision of the Central Committee NR Evropa, before receiving full recognition.  NR-E authorizes national Sections of Europe, and the related and necessary working groups, committees, and sub-committees within the framework of democratic centralism.

Overcoming the Historical Baggage: NR-E is an advanced Vanguard organization based on the technology available in the 21st century. It rejects the ‘loose’ style of organization better suited to the post-WWII generation, which resulted in the degeneration of organization, political line, and a loss of focus on proletarian organizing, scientific socialism, break-throughs in the field of philosophy, and more. 

NR-E defines itself outside of the bourgeois categories of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’, which were hardcoded onto the projections of politics since the time of the French Revolution and the battle of the Estates General. Instead we view the political terrain as people (in Greek, Laos) versus Capital. Capital is a non-living force which possesses human energies towards its replication, accumulation and growth – much like a virus.

Therefore, we are not as much interested in whether our strategies, aesthetics, outlooks, political lines, symbolism are considered ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’ by critics, naysayers, internet lurkers, or dogmatists, but whether they fundamentally challenge capital and the capitalist system of late modernity and liberalism. And more, we are interested in whether they are fundamentally attractive and effective. 

New Man and Woman: NR-E is of the unique position that developing a socialist vanguard begins with developing the physical, mental, spiritual/ethical, and emotional faculties of its members. Each member is in himself an example of the ‘New Man/Woman’ that can be produced en masse in a new society. This is known as propaganda of the deed, and borrows from strains of earlier socialist thought generally abandoned by the serious, organized left, over the course of the last century. As a result, fertile ground and effective organizing concepts have been left by the wayside, and open to the forces of reaction. 

This self-improvement initiative takes tremendous effort, discipline, sacrifice, and humility on the part of NR-E members, because we swim upstream against the generalizing mode of life and living proscribed by capitalism and its corollary – the  false or hi-jacked resistance culture. Under conditions of objectively revolutionary social relations, mankind will naturally flourish and encounter all of these more easily, as the objective conditions will engender them. 

The main idea here is that our aim is not to reflect or present an image of down-trodden, poverty, or defeat. The working class culture is aspirational in nature, not poverty-celebrant. Social media, reality television, and the popularity of televangelism (in the US) are evidence of this. And given that poverty is a product of capitalist class society, it is in fact ultimately both self-defeating and unattractive to present the future New Man/Woman we are building for a New Society, as being prototypical of mankind in his present, enslaved condition.

Hence, perhaps somewhat paradoxically, New Resistance rejects ‘resistance culture’ and promotes ‘Victory culture’. Western resistance culture can be said to be that which was developed out of the Situationist, 68’ers, and the New-Left social movement developed by those born immediately after WWII. We will not engage in ‘protests’, which by their logic in fact presuppose the moral, ethical, psychological and paradigmatic power of those being protested, but rather will stage and organize victory events. This does not exclude power demonstrations which take place at ‘protests’ organized by others.  

Physical Fitness: We have discovered that top-form physical condition, healthy sleeping patterns, etc., results in clear-headed thinking, and an optimistic outlook. It reduces frictions, unnecessary debates, and organizational problems that can arise from personality conflicts. Poor physical condition has a high co-relation to hormonal imbalance, poor temper, demotivation, and neuroticism. This point for cadre development has emerged in response to a deteriorating physical and mental condition found among people in the west. There appears to be some correlation to elements of both culture, and dietary problems resulting from GMO’s, artificial flavoring, preservatives, chemicals, and other toxins and additives used in food products under late-stage capitalism. 

Meanwhile, peak physical condition increases the cognitive and emotional strength of the individual, and therefore collectively as an organization in NR-E. We resultantly have a particular program with regard to the above. 

Emulate those who Prevail: NR-E is unlike any other socialist organization in the ‘West’, in that we take the proven and tested organizing and structural science from fighting and winning socialist and anti-imperialist vanguard organizations in Latin America, Eurasia, and the Middle-East. These are generally unused and ignored in North America (exl. Mexico), and used to a lesser extent only by the new-right in Europe. We believe this alone explains much of what we are seeing in North America (exl. Mexico) and Western Europe. 

We live in new and exciting times, new opportunities have arisen due to the collapsing of the US empire. Given a successful derailment of socialist thinking and activism by the US intelligence sector working through NGO’s and with high-level think tanks such as the ISR from Columbia University, MIT, Princeton University (etc.) and the Tavistock institute in England, the left in the U.S has focused on issues, it would appear, specifically meant to appeal to anti-proletarian segments of society. 

Exposing this fact has reached a point of critical density, or mass, and the material conditions to move forward with an open and fresh organizing campaign have arisen. 

As socialist revolutionaries, we would be failing our historic mission to rise to such an occasion, and meet every opportunity that has been presented. There are no successful ideas, organizing models, or aesthetic presentations worth overlooking based on rigid, dogmatic grounds. These may appear far-right, liberal, far left, and beyond. But what works today is what can deliver, and a sober approach to the demands of the contemporary crisis and opportunities is in order.

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