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Land Powers vs. Sea Powers and the Right to Self Determination of Peoples – New Resistance Evropa Communique #2

New Resistance Evropa supports the struggles of all indigenous peoples around the world in their right to self-determination.

Inter-continental stability, global co-habitation, peace, mutual respect, and self determination of peoples are among New Resistance Evropa’s key tenets. NR Evropa can only act within Europe and has no desire or need to interfere in the inner workings of other civilizational spheres.

Old Europeans are the indigenous people of Europe, and form the main cluster of genotypes of Armenoids, Alpines, Scytho-slavs, Nordics, and Afro-Semito-Mediterraneanoids, among others, which have informed European history, art, and culture for millennia.

In Europe’s long history of exchanges and intercourse with the world, there have been many individuals who have come to Europe from lands far and wide, brought beautiful things to Europe, vibrant productive endeavors, and new ideas both practical and philosophical.

These men, sometimes with family in tow, became Europeans and embraced the ultimate foundation of European identity – Christian humility and good works, Nordic Steadfastness, Greco-Roman and Levantine Statecraft, technical sciences, and humanities.

The Crisis of Capitalism, Imperialism, and the Two Colonialisms

The only constant is change, but as we enter past the realm of late modernity and into post-modernity, the technical and scientific capacity for mankind to intentionally construct and direct changes has been arrived at. And with these tools comes the potential of weaponization. If the people themselves are not disposed to employ these tools in a reasonable and safe way, we are left only at the mercy of those who possess them. Then, who possesses them, and how are they used?

It appears increasingly evident that these tools of sociology and social-psychology, of economics and political-economy, have been weaponized by a globalist, Atlanticist elite against the best interests of the people of Europe. Among their aims seems to be a desire to provoke a reaction of Europeans to justify yet another fratricidal war within Eurasia, with profound and horrific consequences upon the region of Eastasia and the continent of Africa as well.

NR Evropa rejects such manipulation of the reactionary sentiments, and exposes them outright for being so obviously constructed precisely towards that end.

It was Capitalism, growing out of Imperialism and Colonialism, the embracing of the Thalassocratic Leviathan, made from earth and water together – mud – this Golem, an aberration, came first to take control the Northern, Western-most parts of Europe.

A lie was told to these Europeans, a lie based in superiority, progress, and destiny – a lie which was effective because it contained elements of truth. Europe had been engaged in an internal discourse, and was becoming a superior version of its own self – more – it appeared destined to do so progressively. Improvement, innovation, understanding the mind of god, the workings of the universe and its physical properties, this hermetic quest, found successes. And hitherto, Europe had prospered for it.

The truth was transformed into lies, as all the best lies are based in truths. The first lie was that by understanding the mind of god, god had been ‘disproven’ and ‘killed’, the second lie, that Europeans were not only superior to their own prior iterations, but to all other people in the world whom they would encounter, and third, that this was their destiny – to replace god, to progress indefinitely and unchecked, and to create a single world order of hierarchy, of a Thalassocratic order, only apparently based in what appeared as Eurocentricity; and of conquest, of one people over others.

To make this ethnocentric conquest palpable, the old Christian and civilization-building trope, long abused and distorted into a condition of finally being more or less reviled by most on all sides – it was replaced towards the same goal under the new-found label of ‘Human Rights’, and Atlanticist conceptions of ‘democracy’.

The first victim of all this was the common European himself, the second victim was the Eastern European, the Slav. The Slavic realm became the ‘first’ of the ‘third world’, and it would take a resistance to this Thalassocratic slavery by way of a new Telluric Order.

But the concept of ‘victim’ and its framework within the master-slave dialectic were all hallmarks of modernity, and a defect in man’s understanding of any possible course of liberation from it.

These lies were only veils to cover a rising capitalist Atlanticism.

For coming centuries this would cause growing enmity and anti-European sentiments around the world, a ‘reverse racism’ or a mirrored reaction in thoughts and words, to the colonial-imperial system that Europeans were tricked into endeavoring. The Thalassocratic Leviathan, a golem made of land and water – and made of the land, but upon the water – extended the rule of the elites upon many corners of the world, in the name of Europeans.

And some better-to-do Europeans, in the narrow material and ephemeral sense, believed themselves to have benefited from this Atlanticist order, though in truth they did not. But most Europeans in any of these senses, did not.

And so here arose a contradiction, these global nomadic elites and their Thalassocratic Leviathan lured the Europeans using lies based on truths, flattery in the form of hierarchical racism and a sense of civilizational superiority, destiny, to become the foot soldiers in service of the Leviathan. The Europeans came to identify themselves with the Leviathan, and to identify the successes of the Leviathan golem as their own.

When this age came into bloom, the Thalassocratic Leviathan also came to be known as Liberalism. It championed a form of civilizational racism, chauvinism, but more critical even still, hyper-individualism and atomization of all spheres of life.

The New Resistance – Periphery to Core

But what arose in the periphery of the Thalassocratic Empire was a growing, and nearly successful, movement based in their own righteous self-determination on the one hand, and yet with a victimological, reverse racist ‘resentiment’, on the other.

While nominally this was based in a rejection of the Thalassoratic leviathan, it was for some time was still under the spell of the Leviathan’s own spell. And so the first generation of resistance took place within the language and discourse of the Leviathan itself. Therefor within this resistance contained a contradiction, one that ultimately will find negation.

In the course of this negation, the people of the world successfully manifested a Behemoth, summoned from the unseeable desert East of Eden, to fight the Leviathan.

First in the Slavic world the Behemoth would be summoned, that world which which before had been first to be enslaved by the Leviathan. Then, shortly after, in the Far East lands of Eastasia, and in Central and Southern Europe. These peoples summoned Behemoths and one might have supposed that these would join forces and go to combat the Leviathan. But they did not.

Instead, the Leviathan found success, dividing the powers of the Behemoth, using the substance it had also been created of, to infect the other. Both the behemoth and the leviathan are beasts, both arose in contradictions, and these contradictions will be negated.

The Leviathan succeeds, and now provokes the world enmity of the world’s sufferers against the first alleged victim of the Leviathan – the Europeans.

New Resistance Evropa as such opposes both the provocation and the provocateurs. European man has no mutual interest with the Atlanticist Leviathan, and in this sense finds common cause with legitimate anti-colonialists and anti-imperialists.

But to overcome this, is also to reject outright the entire framework of victimhood, for victimhood is the mentality of slavery that extends beyond the need for such a mentality, especially so when such a condition of slavery needs no longer to exist, and in fact is half destroyed when the spell is spoken to break it. To be a victim is to reify back into existence the condition of slavery. To reject victimhood is to go halfway to break the condition of slavery itself.

Liberalism and Victimhood – The Leviathan’s tools to Maintain Global Capitalism and to Destroy Europe

The answer to imperialism isn’t reverse-imperialism, the answer to racism isn’t reverse-racism, the answer to colonialism isn’t reverse-colonialism. All these reversals are victimological in nature and consequence.

The answers are – anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism. But only the destruction of the Capitalist, Atlanticist, Thalassocratic, Mercantile, Liberal, Individualist, Leviathan – a beast known by the mark of its many names – will achieve mankind’s harmony with his natural and holy self.

Hence, European man opposes the reverse-colonialist efforts of the Leviathan wherein, man again – this time man of Africa, Asia and Eastasia – is seduced again by the Leviathan, using once again the trickery of righteousness of mission. This time the righteousness is not the lie of superiority of culture, but of superiority by way of the right of the victim to retributive justice.

And so the magicians seeking to stoke inter-continental tensions do so by manipulating real injustices into a righteous mission, of ideologizing and creating ‘victim-culture’ cover for what are in fact multitudes of self-interested atomized individuals seduced by the false-European promise of material wealth and the ‘easier life’.

Instead, NR Evropa knows that these injustices are those which can be solved by the destruction of Atlanticism and its capitalism, modernity, liberalism, speculative economy and the like.

For the entire capitalist paradigm is that which is used to necessitate wars, investment speculation after conquest, and with those overturned, so too are these wars for speculation which are only, and falsely, being delivered as a clash of civilizations. A clash which does not need to exist and must not exist, and whose existence only benefits the very Atlanticist ruling elites themselves, who care not for Europe, because they can flee from castle to castle, anywhere in the world, with digital fiat accounts in place of gold, mercenary armies and armored caravans, secret flights and private jets.

There will be no justice until they are stopped. Europe’s enemies are not the hoards set upon them, but those Capitalists who have set those hoards upon them.

And what of the invading hordes?

All throughout time, among any people are those with a wandering spirit, a mercantile or intellectual endeavor, and from these spring reasons to travel and make a new homeland. These people know and have known that to do so successfully, they worked to ingratiate themselves with the indigenous local inhabitants, to participate in their societies along the terms previously established, and to gain acceptance, along a course of ultimate assimilation into that culture. This is the same story in any land, and among any people, Europe not an exception.

But never was there a policy in the history of Europe, which so-called European leaders themselves approved of, over the heads of Europeans themselves, that saw the programmatic displacement and replacement of populations of Europeans with other groups – until today.

On what grounds is this justified, ideologically, intellectually, morally, and culturally?

The development of Colonialism and imperialism beyond Europe’s traditional areas – from the Urals to the Atlantic, from the Baltic and North Seas to the Mediterranean and Northern Shores of Africa – once this moved beyond these realms, we saw a disastrous historical development.

This development created institutionalized racism which only modernity and secularism can produce, and a type of hierarchical organization of the various world’s peoples, ethnicities, and their cultures from ‘greatest’ to ‘poorest’, with the greatest having some civilizing right to lord over and ‘improve’ the poorest.

Within the rubric of modernity is the concept of the victim. And the victim in his course for justice is allowed somehow to violate the rights of others in their vigilant quest for retributive justice.

NR Evropa takes chiefly from the experience of Europe, understanding that all of modernity has been a disaster. The experience of the periphery, those subjected to imperialism and colonialism and their fight against it, is an invaluable and worthy experience to learn from and extol.

The 2nd Political Theory and the 3rd Political theory both suffer from the blemish of being contingent upon and within modernity, however, as these were adapted as the legitimating ideologies of the periphery against the Atlanticist core, and represent Telluric power of the behemoth against the leviathan, we can also understand that while in the apparent trappings of the 2nd and 3rd Political Theory, they rather instead point directly to, in fact pierce the otherwise hard to find outer layer of, the Fourth Political theory.




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